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Dear citizens of Saint-Petersburg,

CJSC "Water Research and Control Center" can meet all your needs on analysis of drinking water, whether it comes from a well at your country-house, or from a faucet, or from water-purifying filter in your kitchen.
We can also do an analysis of water from a lake, river or swimming pool where you bathe.

Dear colleagues,

We can do water analysis at all stages of bottled water production, or analysis of tap water for building project commission, or registration of contract for waste water treatment with Vodokanal of St. Petersburg considering acceptable concentrations of contaminants.
We can determine the composition of the air you breathe, or the mixture of industrial emissions which pollute our environment. We can also determine the composition of soil where you plan to construct a building or lay out a garden.

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In 9 up-to-date laboratories we are able to determine the concentration of any substance or compound in any object of environment if it falls into our area of accreditation, otherwise we'll conduct a special research.


Water Research and Control Center takes part in solving a number of ecological problems

CIKV shares its experience. Twelve seminars on analytical quality control of waters have been held

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