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Dear colleagues,

We offer a variety of water and soil analyses that are necessary for conducting construction work, business activities, or registering and signing contracts with Vodokanal of St. Petersburg

  • Bottled water
    Quality of packaged water must comply with hygienic norms. Our analysis will help ensure it does, and we can also measure the characteristics needed for your production control.
  • Tap water
    We provide tap water analyses for design and construction businesses, water facilities exploitation and provision of drinking water.
  • Waste water
    We will conduct analytical research to develop the project of acceptable concentrations of contaminants into waste water for your company. We can also check the quality of sewage treatment with industrial water-purifying filters.
  • Soil of populated areas and agricultural lands
    Soil quality control is carried out at all stages of building design and construction. Plenitude and scope of the tests depend on objects readiness state and consent of bodies that conduct state sanitary and epidemiologic supervision.

If you would like to order any analysis, please visit our russian site or call +7 (812) 600-14-47


Water Research and Control Center takes part in solving a number of ecological problems

CIKV shares its experience. Twelve seminars on analytical quality control of waters have been held

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