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Dear citizens of Saint-Petersburg,

We offer a set of analyses of water and soil that surround us in everyday life.

  • Tap water
    While running in pipes water may get polluted with various bacteria and chemical compounds. That is why we recommend to test tap water on compliance with sanitary norms.
  • Well water
    Water in wells and springs is most exposed to technogeneous pollution such as plants' and agricultural holdings' defilement. Analysis of well water will help evaluate the quality of water you use in your country-house, and will also provide information for choosing appropriate water-purifying system.
  • Natural water in lakes and rivers
    The quality of water in lakes and rives deteriorates every year because of cities expansion and increase of emissions to environment, so people need to find clean places to bathe. With analysis of natural water you can ensure that place where you swim is safe.
  • Garden soil
    If you want to make sure that ground in your garden does not contain any dangerous bacteria or toxic substances, we recommend to perform soil analysis.
  • Sand from a sand-box
    Ensure the safety of your children's playground. With sand analysis you will find out if it contains eggs of intestinal parasites or pathogenic bacteria.

If you would like to order any analysis, please visit our russian site or call +7 (812) 600-14-47


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