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Water Research and Control Center (CIKV)
Analytical Laboratory Association «Silver Mole» prize laureate
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

CIKV is operating since 1991, accredited by national system of RosTehcRegulirovanye and also by International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) accreditation body.
CIKV perfoms daily drinking water quality control in Saint Petersburg.
CIKV is Russia's largest automated high-tech laboratory that performs water, air and soil analyses, making over 600 000 determinations per year.
CIKV is a developer of 110 methods of measuring environment objects' composition, which are included in the Federal Attested Measuring Methods Register.
CIKV is a co-author of 16 national standards of Russian Federation in the area of analytical quality control of water.
CIKV provides an opportunity for specialists to get training in the area of water analysis.
CIKV is a trusted partner of many enterprises in Russia and internationally.
CIKV also gives an opportunity to St. Petersburg citizens and organizations to order any analysis straight away.

And last but not least
CIKV is open to suggestions on matters concerning the quality of our work and opportunities for cooperation.

Water Research and Control Center takes part in solving a number of ecological problems

CIKV shares its experience. Twelve seminars on analytical quality control of waters have been held

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